Tuesday, April 27, 2010

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Spring Break

spring break
We went to Magic Mountain and Las Vegas for SPRING BREAK! It just so happens that every year spring break falls right on the weeks of McKinzie, Mike and Miranda's birthday's.(and in that order.) So on Saturday the 27th Kinz kicked it off with a day at Disneyland with her besties!
While Miranda and I went to Young Women's Conference and had dinner at Pat and Oscar's with friends from our ward!! After she got home she and her friends had cake and she got to open her presents.
Kinz, Mel, Kaylee and Brandon

On Sunday we were supposed to leave for Magic Mountain and then well we weren't really sure what we were doing. Mike was worried about leaving the dogs for so long. Even though Bri had volunteered to come over twice a day and feed them. Oh yea, and they have a doggie door. BUT the problem is they sleep with us and don't do well when we aren't here. Sooo...... one of my darling girls from Young Women's was sweet enough to sleep at the house during the week. I think they definately gave her an adventure, all snuggled up with her at night. So now that Mike's nerves were put to rest we thought of every place imagineable to fly to at the last minute without spending a fortune and realized that wasn't going to happen. So we decided Magic Mountain,Vegas and the Lion King!! We threw in some shopping Mike and Mandi's birthdayand some David Copperfield magic! Their were ups and downs to the trip, good moods and bad moods but all in all it was very fun. I like being with my family. Of course, we missed Gage! He was off being a man, working and learning the responsibilities of adulthood :) Here are some pictures!

taking a break at the hotel

waiting for David Copperfield to start
Miranda and Tristyn playing in the hot tub in our room
you can see tristyn's head in the mirror reflection.


At the gardens in the bellagio

Miranda's 14th birthday dinner

My handsome hubby and I

Friday, October 16, 2009

Off to Oregon!!
So I'm off to Oregon in 6 1/2 hours to take care of these little cuties!! My little sis Ashleigh is having lots of pain still from a freak accident. She was lifting a 250 pound man into an ambulance about 3 weeks ago and it tore the muscles in her neck, shoulder and ribs. They cannot seem to find anything to help her get rid of the pain. Since she is having major trouble lifting cute little Berkley I am off to help out a little with her and Rafe. Lucky Me!!!!! I cannot wait.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Pink boots!!

I bought shiny pink Doc Martens for $40 to ride on the Harley. Hey, I still need to look like a girly girl- right?!!


Kinz decided to go to homecoming with Sam Ramirez ( in our ward) and a bunch of other girls. They went to dinner at Applebees and then headed off to the dance. She sure looked pretty.
Samantha and Kinz
Sam, Kinz and Chris (Sam's little brother)

Pool Time With My Nieces

Kinzie, Tristyn and I took my nieces Jace and Brianna to the Sports Park pool at the end of summer. Jace and Tristyn had a blast on the water slide and Brianna warmed up to the kiddie pool after an hour of coaxing. It was a fun day!!

Tristyn waiting for the slide

The girls made a friend


the girls relaxing
this is what kinz thought of me
taking a picture of her in her swimsuit

Vail Lake Picnic
I just found these on an extra camera card. The first weekend of August we went up to the Vail Lake picnic grounds and had a Kentucky Fried Chicken picnic. Except for all the annoying bees it was alot of fun. The kids drove the car up and Mike and I and his friend Phil rode the motorcycles up. The kids drove home and we rode up the canyon to get an ice cream cone. ha ha Way fun!!!