Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Miniature Golfing With A Few Of The Munchkins

I took the kids miniature golfing at Mulligans and had a blast. Gage couldn't help but knock the ball away from us girls. He got a real kick out of it. We went on the go karts and the girls and i giggled and laughed. Gage declared that they weren't nearly as fun now that I had taken him to Pole Position. Miranda kept begging to go on the teacups (they make me sick, sick sick) so I kept begging Gage to take her. He really didn't want to go but relented when McKinzie started in on the begging. They got on and Gage told them not to touch the wheel. They were spinning sooooo fast and all got off wanting to puke!!!

P.S. Tristyn we missed you - (she was with her mom)